Preview next week’s data: e-commerce shows no signs of slowing down. Fashion purchases grow with 31% compared to end of March

Over the past month, our research has shown that the corona outbreak has had a significant impact on consumers’ e-commerce behavior. Now, we have updated our research with new data from 3.000 consumers in The Netherlands, Germany and Norway. And there are significant developments.

In the coming week, we will come back with more analyses on consumers’ online purchase behavior and how it is developing during April and into May. In the mean time we want to share a sneak peek of our findings.

E-commerce purchases have increased with 15% in Germany, 24% in The Netherlands and 27% in Norway - compared to prior to the corona outbreak - with a continuing shift in product categories. In total, growth for the three countries is 21%.

Shifts in product categories continue

We see very interesting movements across different categories when comparing the change of online purchases prior the corona outbreak, during the first weeks after and during the past two weeks in April.

In the first weeks after the corona outbreak, the overall number of online purchases increased with 6%, now the same figure is 21%. But some product categories show quite different patterns. Fashion, for example, initially decreased with 11%, but has now recovered and measures an increase of 20%. On the other hand, Home decorations and furniture measured an increase of 14% during the first weeks after the corona outbreak, but now slow down to an increase of 4%.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for new analyses into how consumer behavior is developing, a deep dive into consumers view on delivery and consumers’ changing demands of merchants.