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Pandemic impact on e-commerce

Do consumers change their e-commerce behavior during a pandemic situation?
Our insights team has asked consumers in The Netherlands, Germany and Norway about their normal behavior, past purchases, attitudes and future shopping outlook. 

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Here we share an overview of how the corona outbreak impacts consumers e-commerce shopping. Interact and filter the results below.


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Our findings on the corona outbreak's impact on consumers' e-commerce behavior. We aim to update our data set on a weekly basis, with daily analyses, deep dives and expert interviews along the way. Stay tuned!

Preview next week’s data: e-commerce shows no signs of slowing down. Fashion purchases grow with 31% compared to end of March

Over the past month, our research has shown that the corona outbreak has had a significant impact on consumers’ e-commerce behavior. Now, we have updated our research with new data from 3.000 consumers in The Netherlands, Germany and Norway. And there are significant developments.

In the coming week, we will come back with more analyses on consumers’ online purchase behavior and how it is developing during April and into May. In the mean time we want to share a sneak peek of our findings.

E-commerce purchases have increased with 15% in Germany, 24% i… Read more

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How have worries about health and finances impacted consumers’ online behavior?

With the rise of the global pandemic also comes a time of uncertainty for many people. Uncertainty is undeniably linked to worries. These worries not only preoccupy consumers’ thoughts, but also translate to an impact in their purchasing behavior. For some businesses, these changes mean skyrocketing sales. For others, the negative impact of the corona-outbreak is devastating.

Either way, developing a solid understanding of consumers’ worries is essential for many businesses, especially in uncertain times like these where merchants need to prepare for quick ch… Read more

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Spot the difference: a side-by-side comparison of what Dutch, German and Norwegian shoppers are buying online in the corona-era


In the past week we took you through country deep dives for the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. However, differences do exist between these countries and they are worth noting. Especially for internationally operating businesses and professionals, insights into these differences are vital in understanding how to adapt and pivot in the new co… Read more

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Norwegians stock up online on toys (+67%) and groceries (+90%) - Convenience is the key word

AfterPay Insights Shopping Behavior Norway

Read this post in Norwegian. 

Norwegians are considerably less worried about corona from a personal health perspective, compared to their fellow Europeans from Germany and The Netherlands. But their worry from a financial perspective is on par with consumers in the other countries.

The combination of a low level of worry about personal health with a high level of worry about the financial situation has res… Read more

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German lockdown boosts e-commerce purchases +7%, fastest delivery time will become more important than ever

German lockdown boosts e-commerce purchases by 7%

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It is evident that the German lockdown has created barriers for consumers to access brick & mortar stores and caused a significant switch in purchase behavior in e-commerce. AfterPay Insights research amongst 1,178 consumers in Germany shows e-commerce purchases have increased by 7% driven by a significant increase in Groce… Read more

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Dutch e-commerce purchases +7% with a significant increase in products for home improvement

Dutch e-commerce purchases +7% with a significant increase in products for home improvement

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AfterPay Insights research amongst 1,111 consumers in The Netherlands shows that in the past two weeks Dutch consumers’ behavior is not severely impacted by financial worries. E-commerce purchases have increased by 7%, particularly in Groceries, Health Foods, Sporting Goods and Hardware and Building Materials.

The corona outbreak has apparently not kept Dutch consumers f… Read more

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Corona impact: e-commerce purchases +6% with a huge shift in product mix

With the corona outbreak and all the measures that are being taken to stop the virus from spreading, also come changes in consumer behavior and attitude towards e-commerce.

AfterPay Insights research amongst 3,345 consumers in The Netherlands, Germany and Norway reveals that in the past two weeks, consumers are shopping differently than before the corona outbreak (read more about our research purpose). The number of purchases in Germany and The Netherlands has gone up by 7%, while Norway is stable. Not onl… Read more

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Future e-commerce purchases likely to increase in the coming month, with new demands on merchants

As partial lockdowns across Europe are extended, the corona-outbreak continues to have an impact on the way people live and consume. We already know how consumer behavior has changed over the past two weeks – read about it in our blog about past consumer behavior here. But what does the near future hold for e-commerce? It’s the question on every merchant’s and e-commerce professional’s mind. Keep reading for a detailed forecast… Read more

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What is the pandemic impact on consumers’ e-commerce behavior?

Over the past couple of weeks, we have all been waking up to a new reality: a pandemic situation that forces us as citizens and as society as a whole to change our life in many ways. As e-commerce nerds and payment geeks, we quickly realized that we had many hypotheses on how this might impact e-commerce and consumers behavior. At the same time, we realized that we were lacking insight… Read more

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