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Tracking consumer behavior in e-commerce

Ongoing consumer research into the online shopping behavior of consumers in the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. We aim to provide insights into consumer attitudes, behavior and shifts in consumption and preferences. Whatever the reason for these shifts may be – trends, public opinion or a pandemic – AfterPay Insights is here to help you understand the e-commerce landscape.

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Our findings on the corona outbreak's impact on consumers' e-commerce behavior. We aim to update our data set on a weekly basis, with daily analyses, deep dives and expert interviews along the way. Stay tuned!

‘Natural’ seasonal events drive change in online volumes. Change in online volumes correlates with the height of basket value

It is the end of Quarter 1 of 2022, and what a rocky first three months it has been. Time to look at the (new) quarterly e-commerce development and inflow. In this blog we talk about the online shopper share in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and the UK. But what are the differences between the four countries that we measure? In which country are the highest basket values? Even with an already high inflation level and a conflict on our continent, how much are consumers worrying about their finances and health?

Curious yet? Get all the answers here in our ne… Read more

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~10% of consumers enter e-commerce during the past year but ‘New Online Shoppers’ are much less satisfied and 1 in 3 have concerns about the online purchase process

How much terrain is there still to win for merchants? What are they key drivers and barriers for New Online Shoppers (consumers who have entered e-commerce in the past year) to shop online (more) in 2022? And do these differ for Existing Online Shoppers? How satisfied are New Online Shoppers with their first e-commerce experiences? A positive experience is essential as this is a big factor in New Online Shoppers’ future purchasing behavior – a positive experience increases the likelihood of a New Online Shopper coming back, ultimately becoming a loyal Existing Onlin… Read more

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Springtime shopping: what and how we buy online

Europe is warming up, the sun is out and days are getting longer. Are you also feeling the spring fever, for a flirty dress, sharp suit or maybe a new fling?
Spring is the perfect season to start fresh. How is that visible in the world of ecommerce? What are people buying online? Our new AfterPay Spring infographic reveals the biggest categories, the fastest growing categories and how much consumer spend. Discover it here in our infographic.

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Designing the future of online shopping with consumers: wider, faster, richer

One of AfterPay’s most burning question is what consumers think the future of online shopping looks like. AfterPay loves big data and crunching numbers, but to get into imagination of consumers and a deeper understanding, we decided to speak to online shoppers and AfterPay users. In one-on-one interviews we learned about how shoppers see the future, what they expect will happen and how it will change the world and our behavior.  
As revolutionary as we thought online shopping was back in 1979 when Michael Aldrich designed an online transaction process betwee… Read more

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March Outlook: Fashion and Health/Health Food products expect to have the biggest focus on the European mainland, whereas Media/Entertainment and Food/Groceries lead in the UK

As we welcome the meteorological spring, AfterPay Insights is serving up a new March monthly Outlook. This blog discusses what consumers from the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and the UK intend to buy this month. We see minor change compared to February and compareble results in three countries. The UK slightly differs from the European soil when it comes to predicting product categories, with an interesting offline-to-online shift.

The Netherlands’ Fashion and Health/Health food products categories lead again

Fashion is the category wi… Read more

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Online volumes lose ground to offline share because of the re-opening of the world: an overview of consumer needs and demands webshops should cater to

The world is opening up again. Countries are letting go of their restrictions bit by bit or even all in one go. Health worries are dropping tremendously, even though the covid cases are literally off the chart. Correlation? Not really. Another interesting trend to follow is the trend of online purchase volumes. We also place the Online Volumes-line graph over the Covid-cases graph. Those two show clear signs of correlation from June 2020 up till October 2021. Cases up? Then online volumes are up, too. This is both good and bad news. Good: exit Covid. Bad: online vol… Read more

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February Outlook: Seasonality causes for a dip in online volumes, but Fashion and Food/Groceries do see an increase across markets

AfterPay Insights’ monthly forecast is back with this February outlook for e-commerce in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and UK. In this blog we map out consumers’ shopping intentions during this month. Do they intend to increase or decrease their online shopping in February? And which categories can we expect to grow or decline? Keep reading to find out.

Before we jump into the Feb-forecast, let’s rewind to see what went down in January, following the spending season. As December comes with a hockey-stick effect, January takes a hit and sees a big dip in onli… Read more

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The impact of vaccination on shopping online vs offline

Interesting times lead to interesting findings.
Every month we monitor what it is going on in the world of e-commerce. From predicting the number one product category, to reviewing consumer satisfaction, to the share of offline (in brick-and-mortar) vs. online stores and the loyalty of consumers to online channels. Obviously, there is lots going on in the online- and offline channels, just like the rest of the offline world.

So, this time we have something very interesting to share on how one particular offline decision and thus behavior, i… Read more

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Biggest Sale, Best Deals: Black Friday is here to stay

Ah, the end of January. Can you imagine only one month ago we were in the hectic days before Christmas listening to Mariah and Michael on the radio. Now we’re already three weeks into the new year, with Blue Monday even behind us. Since Peak Season is done and dusted, it is time to review the holiday sales events. Which of all these sales events are the number one in participation in 2021? Which product category has the most purchases? In in which event do consumers feel they scored the best deal? AfterPay Insights is about to reveal!

About half of all consu… Read more

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Tracking consumer inflow during Peak Season: Online shopping volumes spike, as consumers have a higher prioritization of online in December 2021

A new year, a new blog. As it’s almost mid-January 2022, Peak season 2021 is well behind us. What happened in December with online shopping volumes? Is December following the seasonal trend or are we seeing a complete 180 in the data? In which country was Santa’s Nice-list the longest when it comes to average monthly online purchases? And with the Omikron variant doing its round, how is that effecting our offline shopping?

Blog 92 will tell you all about it.

We reach a peak!

As we compare the graph of 2021 to 2020, we see some differences. The… Read more

Written by Insights Team.

Tracking consumer inflow during Peak Season in November: online purchase volumes are lower this year, but loyalty to online shopping remains stable in 2021

As we arrive in December, with the holiday and Peak Season still in full swing, we are very excited to dive into the development of online purchase volumes. What have the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale activities delivered? Stick with us and find out.

“We see that overall volumes are lower this year compared to 2020 [during Peak Season so far]. You would guess that Black Friday and Cyber Monday would crank up the volumes in November. But one sales week will not impact the whole Peak Season.”

Interesting and mixed findings… Read more

Written by Insights Team.

Tracking consumer inflow during Peak Season: 75-82% of consumers shop online by end of October, thanks in part to increased online loyalty in 2021

Peak Season is here. The online shopper share has further evolved and grown over the past months. But what are the differences between the four countries that we measure? How do Heavy Online Shoppers influence the whole online shopper base? Also with a world that still experiences a pandemic, we see how staying at home drives shoppers to shopping online versus visiting a physical store. But what else drives consumers into the online shopping field?

This blog is part of a series around Peak Season. Where other blogs look ahead and discuss expectations, the cur… Read more

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Black Week is here: ‘Black Friday’ attracts at least twice as many consumers as Cyber Monday, overlap is ~9% as total growth is 7-9%

This article is part of the AfterPay Insights 'Peak Season 2021' series. Click here for the series. 

Black Week is here! What can we expect during the peak of Peak ‘21? Our survey data, now covering interviews with more than 105.000 Dutch, German, Norwegian and British consumers, indicates that we can expect the concept of Black Friday to attract at least twice as many consumers as Cyber Monday. Shopper inflow to Black Friday/Cyber Monday is expected to be at least twice as high as the outflow, resulting… Read more

Written by Insights Team.

Loyalty during Peak Season: Low prices most effective in swaying consumers to shop with new brands, value-added services generate significant purchase volumes

Peak Season shopping is all about scoring the best deals. But which other aspects play a role in consumers’ shopping behavior when it comes to merchant choice? And which of those aspects are most successful in swaying consumers to give up their loyalty to one merchant – and go for another?  

Our latest data from surveys with Dutch, German, Norwegian and British consumers, indicates that the most frequent online shoppers are also the least loyal to the online retailers they buy from. As a result, these consumers are also the most likely for merchants to encoun… Read more

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Peak Season: Top 4 important customer journey insights for e-commerce

Disclaimer: our analytics have focused online shopping in general. The inspiration- and research stages of the purchase journey are heavily dependent on the specific product categories. Our aim has instead been to understand cultural differences between countries.

Peak season is here, hot and happening now. This time of the year is the busiest in online and offline purchases. Bustling around the internet channels and shopping streets, all sorts of consumers are eager to get their shopping done across the different categories. Learning about the customer jou… Read more

Written by Insights Team.