High satisfaction in Media and Entertainment. Popular Cosmetics category needs improvement


Buying Media and Entertainment usually is what you see, what you get.
For example, singing up for a subscription-based TV channel or music platform, purchasing book or video game, tends to be a single check out and you are good to go. These products or services either cannot be returned (books), or have a way to cancel the subscription, which means it takes away the whole journey of making a return and waiting for it to be processed. Therefore, Media and Entertainment leaves shoppers with the highest overall satisfaction. The category takes up about one fifth (April 2022) of the total share of online product categories, so it certainly not the biggest, but for sure performs the best. The lone ranger at the top has an overall satisfaction of 71% (also 71% for Very satisfied) and just a 1% of unhappy dissatisfied consumers.

Pet food has a similar type of purchase model and does a decent job regarding overall satisfaction of 60% (and 62% very satisfied vs 2% dissatisfied). Pet food and supplies are often the same order or products for years in a row, as owners know their animals’ preferences for food and snacks. Maybe a collar that does not fit the dog’s neck, or a broken cat toy upon delivery can lead to dissatisfaction, but bones and kibble purchases make 60% of people and pets happy, nonetheless.

Relatively high levels of dissatisfaction in the category of Hardware & Gardening tools (7% and 8% respectively). These tools can be hard to envision how they work, do the job and feel. And also Cosmetics with relatively high dissatisfaction (6%). Colours, textures and coverage are tricky to see online vs what they look like in real life on skin. These categories need an intervention online in order to gain a higher level of satisfaction.

The smallest category (8%) takes on the highest dissatisfaction (10%, and overall 32%). Tickets is still recovering f rom the big hits in the past years. Theatre shows are back in full swing but only play for half the audiences. Cancellations caused for a dent in trust, dragged down satisfaction and made people take on other hobbies instead.