Halloween marks the real start of the Holiday season, engaging youngsters and families with kids

In comparison to the other big sales weekends building up to Christmas, consumers’ awareness around Halloween as a sales event is not yet high enough to make it a serious contender. In Germany and the Netherlands, only 14% of consumers are aware of Halloween as a sales event and in Norway the corresponding figure is 36%. This can be compared to the hype around Black Friday, where consumer awareness is at 70% or above.

We see that consumers who intend to shop during the Halloween sale will focus on buying Hobby articles, Food & Health products and Cosmetics. The ‘Halloween Shoppers are also predominantly younger, with the age bracket 18-24 years old being overrepresented. Consumers with younger kids at home also plan to shop significantly more than other segments during Halloween – not surprising when one considers the celebratory traditions of Halloween.

Interestingly, many consumers who intend to purchase during the Halloween sale also intend to purchase on the Singles' Day sale.

Besides purchase intention, Halloween and Singles Day Shoppers are also very similar in profile. Just like Halloween Shoppers, Singles' Day Shoppers are young and both segments comprise of families with kids at home. At both sales events, Cosmetics and Health products are popular. During Halloween, Hobby articles is a big category, thanks to the seasonal arts and craft activities – creating decorations and costumes. However, Hobby articles are exchanged for Fashion by Singles’ Day Shoppers.

Of all consumers who intend to make a purchase during at least one of the major sales events leading up to Christmas, we see that 3% of German and Dutch consumers state that they will purchase during the Halloween sale – and 5% in Norway. But taking the comparatively low awareness of the Halloween sale event into account, Halloween as a sales moment still performs well. In Germany and the Netherlands, around 20% of those aware Halloween as a sales event state they will make a purchase. In comparison, the conversion level from awareness to intended purchase is not to be underestimated. As the awareness of Halloween as a sales event is expected to grow, so will the sales. Trick or Treat?

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