First half of August data reveals overall decline in online purchases during the height of summer

We have added new research data for the first half of August. Our research now contains responses from more than 34.000 consumers in The Netherlands, Germany and Norway over a period of over four months.

Overall, the long-term online purchase development trend shows some distinct phases that are very similar across all three countries. After an initial boom in online purchases during March/April, growth across all three countries reached a plateau in May. Following this we see repetitive cycles where purchases decline at the start of each month and increase at the end. As we mentioned in our last blog post, this cyclic pattern can possibly be explained by salary payments. But we need to keep in mind that in the first half of August, consumers are likely still in a holiday-mode and have reduced their online purchases. Or have consumers reduced online purchases as a result of the global pandemic? The end of August data that we are currently collecting will reveal if consumers’ behavior continues to take place in a cycle, like we have seen in June and July.

Developing trends in online product categories continue in August

To get an even clearer view on the development of trends for the product categories that we analysed, we have now grouped similar product categories together, creating six overarching product categories with a larger statistical significance.

Food/Health products boomed directly following outbreak, but reverted to ’normal’ development at turn of May. Household/Home improvement and Fashion/Cosmetics has performed above par throughout the pandemic. Media/Electronics and Sports/Craft/Play has developed at an average pace throughout the pandemic. And Travel/Tickets was hit hard at the outbreak, but started journey to recovery at the second half of May.

What is next?

Coming up next are our monthly analyses and forecasts of e-commerce in The Netherlands, Germany and Norway. Stay tuned!