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Findings week 19 (8)

Fashion continues paving the way for e-commerce

Fashion is the biggest product category in e-commerce. But it is, due to its selective nature, also highly vulnerable. And with a global pandemic, looming economic crises and brick-and-mortar stores on lockdown, Fashion is all the more exposed. It is no surprise that every industry…

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Wachstum E-Commerce in Deutschland stabilisiert sich im Mai (+36% im Vergleich zu vor dem Corona-Ausbruch). „Vielkäufer“ (18% der Konsumenten) tätigen weiterhin die Mehrzahl aller Online-Einkäufe (52%)

This post was originally published in English. Dieser Artikel ist eine aktualisierte Version der umfassenden Analyse des E-Commerce in Deutschland im Anschluss an den April. Umfragedaten von AfterPay Insights zum Online-Shopping-Verhalten von 5 500 Verbrauchern in Deutschland zeigen, dass die Einkäufe im Vergleich zur Zeit…

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End of May update – a ‘plateau’ in e-commerce growth is reached

The impact of the corona-outbreak is still noticeable all around us. However, countries around the world have started easing restrictions, hopefully giving way to economic recovery. In parallel, consumers’ changed e-commerce behavior is slowing down and growth hits a plateau. This is confirmed by the…

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