Consumers' share of online spend stays strong while online purchase volumes show sign of seasonal decline in June

In this week’s blog we publish the online purchase volumes for June, and we see that volumes decline. We saw a similar decline in online purchase volumes in June of 2020, although the period preceding June 2020 (a peak in online purchases, a result of the ‘first wave’ and subsequent lockdowns) looks slightly different than in 2021.

When we compare June 2020 to June 2021, we see that online purchase volumes are at the same level, except for Germany where June volumes are higher this year. But as noted, online volumes in the spring of 2020 were boosted significantly by restrictions as a result of the global pandemic. Online growth during the past eighteen months really becomes clearly visible when we look at the growth of the online shopper base (measured as buying online at least twice a month). This share grows from 64% to 75% of consumers in the Netherlands, from 72% to 79% in Germany and from 47% to 67% in Norway.

As we move closer to summer, online purchase volumes decline. But at the same time we see that consumers’ loyalty to e-commerce stays strong.

Peak season 2020 (September to December) shows us that consumers’ share of spend online increases significantly. In September, consumers in the Netherlands conduct 39% of their total spend online, increasing to 47% in December. In Germany, the online share of spend increases from 42% to 48% during the same period – and in Norway from 31% to 36%. And we now see that – throughout this year – consumers’ share of spend online remains similarly high as in December. This proves that changes in consumers’ shopping behavior are stable – particularly interesting in the light of societies returning back to ‘normal’.

What is next?

Coming up next is a blog post about shoppers’ sustainability preferences. Stay tuned for more deep insights into Dutch, German and Norwegian consumers’ e-commerce behavior.