April Outlook: Fashion and Health/Health Food products to have the biggest focus online and offline

Two categories that take the lead in Europe remain Fashion and Food/Health Products. Norwegians plan to buy tickets for going out and start to travel in April.

This month’s outlook shows the success of the Food/Health Products in all four countries combined. Are you also working up an appetite to learn how other product categories are doing? And how do countries and their product shares differ from one another on the coming month? Keep reading and find out!

The Netherlands: Fashion expected lead overall growth in April, growing both offline and online.

Fashion is the category with the largest growth, both offline and online. Looking at Dutch consumers and their shopping predictions tells us that about 40% of the increase is coming from online purchases, and 60% is the category is shopped offline. In total 31% of Dutch consumers made a purchase in the Fashion/Cosmetics categories during March.

In March, 28% of Dutch shoppers purchased in Food/Health. Looking at Food alone (11%), it levels with Electronics/Telecom. Food/Health is expected to grow in April as both categories are in the upper half, but predominately offline as they are close to the middle. From a category size perspective, there are a few categories that come closely behind Electronics/Telecom when we look at share. These are Take Away Food, Cosmetics, and Tickets, Hobby Articles.

Germany: Food and groceries and Fashion expected lead overall growth in April, with Fashion growing stronger online

Germany’s March Favorites are Food/Groceries and Fashion. These two categories battle for the top spot this month. Food/Groceries is expected to have the highest growth of the categories but happens mainly offline. Fashion is expected to grow, where about 40% of the increase is happening online and 60% expected to grow offline.
Similar results are visible regarding the March month. 32% of German online shoppers make at least one online purchase in the Fashion/Cosmetics category, 31% in Food/Health Products, Sports/Craft/Play come next with 25%. Other categories in Germany follow with both 23% and are Media/Entertainment and Household/Improvement. These categories are the biggest in terms of online shoppers. 

“Just like in the Dutch market, Fashion is expected to continue being the dominant growth category in March, where about 40% of the increase is expected to be online and 60% offline.”

Norway sees changes: Travel and transport is expected to lead overall growth in March and growing strong online. Fashion growing both offline and online.

Norway joins the Netherlands and Germany when it comes to the big Fashion/Cosmetics category: with 27% of Norwegian online shoppers make at least one online purchase in the Fashion category (March). (This share of 27% is the combined Fashion & Cosmetics. The Fashion share alone in March is 20%). Fashion is expected to grow online and offline. Food/Health Products strikes up a share of 20%.

Travel and Transport outshines in March. The category is expected to lead overall growth in April and grows strong online. About 30% of the increase will happen online and 70% offline.

The UK’s Food and groceries expected lead overall growth in April, growing both offline and online.

Food/Health Products is still the biggest in the UK. At least 49% of shoppers says to have made a purchase in this category in March. If we isolate Food/Groceries, the share of shoppers in March is 30%. This month is expected to have the highest growth. About 30% of these purchases are more online in Food/Groceries and 70% offline. Looking at last month’s Outlook, we do see a shift. Where we first see Food/Groceries in the Online realm, April’s Outlook moves to the mostly offline realm.

Beside Food/Groceries, Fashion/Cosmetics (31% in March) always remains high in the share of online volumes. These two categories shopping force in the UK.
When we include offline shopping, then last month is a good month for Pets. 12% of consumers make a purchase for their beloved animals.

March data is not much different. A slight decrease to 24% (was 26%) of UK online shoppers make at least one purchase in Fashion– but an increase 30% (was 27%) also makes at least one online purchase in Food/Groceries. These two categories dominate UK online shopping.

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