By mid-December, 60% of Christmas gifts still to be purchased in the Netherlands,  34% in Germany and 44% in Norway; e-commerce continues to grow

In our last update before Christmas, we have added new research data covering the first half of December (December 10th - 16th) to our database. Our data now contains survey responses from more than 63.000 interviews with consumers in the Netherlands, Germany and Norway.

In the Netherlands, total online purchase growth after Black/Cyber Week was at +86% and is now at +87%. And in Germany e-commerce growth increases from +50% following Black/Cyber Week to +59% after the first half of December. E-commerce in Norway grows +70% compared to mid-March And e-commerce growth and is even up 101% after the first half of December.  Key categories contributing to the growth in the first half of December are primarily Toys, Kitchen appliances, Home decoration and Media/Entertainment.

In our latest blog about consumers’ purchase intentions for Black/Cyber Week, and their actual purchase behavior, we see that Dutch consumers act more spontaneously. This is as evident as a large share of consumers who did not plan to buy during Black/Cyber Week end up making last minute purchase decisions anyway.

In line with his we also see that the share of Dutch shoppers that have not started buying their Christmas gifts is at 33% by the first half of December – and the corresponding share among German and Norwegian consumers is at 15% and 19%, respectively. As a consequence, the share of Chrimas gifts purchased is - by the first half of December - significantly lower among Dutch consumers (40%) than German (66%) and Norwegian consumers (56%).

This relatively ‘late Christmas gift buying’ among Dutch shoppers, and more planned/early buying among Norwegian and German shoppers, can also explain the difference in overall e-commerce growth during the first half of December – where growth is dramatically higher in Norway and Germany compared to in the Netherlands.