Wrapping up 2020: e-commerce in the Netherlands and Germany peaks end of December, Norway already hit apex two weeks before

New research data covering the second half of December is added to our research, which now conists of more than 66.000 interviews with Dutch, German and Norwegian consumers.

In the Netherlands and Germany, e-commerce purchases continue to grow during the second half of December, although recent growth it not as steep as in October and November. E-commerce in the Netherlands shows a dramatic growth of online purchases in November, after which the relative growth rate flattens out, ending up at +90% by the second half of December. The number of online purchases in Germany experiences a more stable and continouos growth since October and ends the year at +62. In Norway, e-commerce peaks during the first half of December at +101 and growth slows down to +87% by the end of December.

Interestingly, we see the same overall purhase patterns at the end of the year as we see during the first wave of the global pandemic in March. Around that time, Norwegian e-commerce peaks during the second half of April; two weeks later, online purchases peak in the Netherlands and Germany. And at the end of the year, purchases also peak in Norway two weeks ahead of the Netherlands and Germany.

Key categories contributing to the December growth in online purchases are primarily Toys, Electronics, Home decoration, Kitchen appliances and Media/Entertainment.

What is next?

Up next is a final recap of the 2020 holiday shopping season as well as specific insights into consumers’ gift shopping and giving behavior. Stay tuned!