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Tracking consumer behavior in e-commerce

Ongoing consumer research into the online shopping behavior of consumers in the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. We aim to provide insights into consumer attitudes, behavior and shifts in consumption and preferences. Whatever the reason for these shifts may be – trends, public opinion or a pandemic – AfterPay Insights is here to help you understand the e-commerce landscape.

Consumer Insights Dashboard

Filter, segment and slice our consumer research data below to generate actionable insights that help you understand the e-commerce landscape of today and tomorrow.  


Insights blog

Our findings on the corona outbreak's impact on consumers' e-commerce behavior. We aim to update our data set on a weekly basis, with daily analyses, deep dives and expert interviews along the way. Stay tuned!

High satisfaction in Media and Entertainment. Popular Cosmetics category needs improvement


Buying Media and Entertainment usually is what you see, what you get.
For example, singing up for a subscription-based TV channel or music platform, purchasing book or video game, tends to be a single check out and you are good to go. These products or services either cannot be returned (books), or have a way to cancel the subscription, which means it takes away the whole journey of making a return and waiting for it to be processed. Therefore, Media and Entertainment leaves shoppers with the highest overall satisfaction.Read more

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The June Outlook sees a mix of growing product categories: what do online shoppers intend to buy?

AfterPay Insights’ monthly forecasts are back with this June outlook for e-commerce in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and the UK. Do Dutch, German, Norwegian and UK consumers intend to increase or decrease their shopping in June? What does this mean for overall e-commerce growth in June? And which categories can we expect to grow or decline from both the online and offline perspectives?

A quick look back into the May data tells us about the different trends in the four countries. It appears that both the UK and Germany have in increase in online volumes in th… Read more

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Revolutionizing the world of shopping with Quick Commerce and paying via Buy Now Pay Later 

A new trend is shaking up the world of shopping: quick commerce (qCommerce) meets consumers’ needs for convenient order, flexible payment, and delivery processes – and as quickly as possible. But does this have the potential to shape how we consume in the future? And how can online retailers adapt and meet the needs for flexibility by offering flexible payment solutions? We asked these questions and more – and our expert Sebastian Ehrke, Director for Ecosystem Growth, gives all the answers.  

Why do we see a strong trend towar… Read more

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The use of financial and aggregating apps helps consumers with their financial situation, creating overview and with all their payments

Remember the winter interim forecast, with GDP growth in the EU of 4% in 2022 and 2.8%* in 2023? Those were some great numbers to look forward to, post pandemic. Unfortunately, things have changed with the invasion of Ukraine. Gas prices are skyrocketing, inflation is shooting up and more and more families are worrying about how to make ends meet.

That makes us think and talk about our own personal finances at AfterPay Insights. Following the news, inflation rates and our own individual increasing monthly spending on bills and groceries, we asked consumers ho… Read more

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The rising popularity of Buy Now Pay Later: how the young payment method is taking over online shopping and new categories

The way we pay is changing. By interacting with our dashboard, we learn about the rising popularity of paying for your order, after it is delivered to your doorstep. We call this Buy Now, Pay Later, or in short, BNPL. This BNPL could either be a payment that covers the full amount all at once, or a split payment that has three different due dates, that each share a third of the due amount.

This blog answers our questions on how shoppers pay in online check out, which methods of Buy Now Pay Later are most popular, how actively do shoppers seek for BNPL payment op… Read more

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May Outlook / European shoppers all plan to buy something different in May: The Dutch get ready for Summer, Germans dine, Norwegians travel and UK plans BBQ’s and picnics.

AfterPay Insights’ monthly forecasts are back with this May outlook for e-commerce in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and the UK. Do Dutch, German, Norwegian and British consumers intend to increase or decrease their shopping in May? What does this mean for e-commerce growth in May? And which categories can we expect to grow or decline from both the online and offline perspectives?

Our results show not the same increase in April’s volumes as previous years, and so it looks like consumers intend to decrease their overall purchases in May. And compared to our … Read more

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Sustainability sells: make it part of your values and strategy to win over conscious consumers

Going green is still a hot topic among consumers, big brands, and governments. Under a new law, plastic straws, cutlery, plates, cottons swaps and other single-use plastic items are banned in the European Union since July 2021. Plastic bottles, and in many countries soda cans now have a deposit, too. These regulations are to reduce the carbon footprint and eventually have a negative carbon footprint.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly more important in consumer purchases when we see all the studies and reviews published online. Shoppers seem to be actively … Read more

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Blog 100 – Two years of tracking and two years of change

Blog 100 cannot go without notice. It has been two years since the start of our consumer tracking and blog writing. What started off as a vision for Thought Leadership, soon also turned into provision for bespoke insights to help our merchants grow. Leveraging insights to make business decisions and build campaigns on, adds to quality of loyalty, and build relationship.

So many questions, so many learnings. To celebrate blog 100, we look back to see how, not just our and consumers’ lives have evolved, but also how things change over the cours… Read more

Written by Insights Team.

April Outlook: Fashion and Health/Health Food products to have the biggest focus online and offline

Two categories that take the lead in Europe remain Fashion and Food/Health Products. Norwegians plan to buy tickets for going out and start to travel in April.

This month’s outlook shows the success of the Food/Health Products in all four countries combined. Are you also working up an appetite to learn how other product categories are doing? And how do countries and their product shares differ from one another on the coming month? Keep reading and find out!

Read more

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Celebrating Blog 100: interview with Andreas. One of the faces behind AfterPay Insights

In the light of our 100th blog on AfterPay Insights, we thought it was a great time to not just celebrate the magic number, but the people behind the blog, too. Introducing one of the pioneers and the biggest brain behind the numbers. No data too big or too small, helping AfterPay to understand consumers, consumer behavior and needs, and how daily lives and e-commerce are impacted with what happens across the globe: all-smiles Andreas Nergård. Up close and personal for the very first time.

Read more

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‘Natural’ seasonal events drive change in online volumes. Change in online volumes correlates with the height of basket value

It is the end of Quarter 1 of 2022, and what a rocky first three months it has been. Time to look at the (new) quarterly e-commerce development and inflow. In this blog we talk about the online shopper share in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and the UK. But what are the differences between the four countries that we measure? In which country are the highest basket values? Even with an already high inflation level and a conflict on our continent, how much are consumers worrying about their finances and health?

Curious yet? Get all the answers here in our ne… Read more

Written by Insights Team.

~10% of consumers enter e-commerce during the past year but ‘New Online Shoppers’ are much less satisfied and 1 in 3 have concerns about the online purchase process

How much terrain is there still to win for merchants? What are they key drivers and barriers for New Online Shoppers (consumers who have entered e-commerce in the past year) to shop online (more) in 2022? And do these differ for Existing Online Shoppers? How satisfied are New Online Shoppers with their first e-commerce experiences? A positive experience is essential as this is a big factor in New Online Shoppers’ future purchasing behavior – a positive experience increases the likelihood of a New Online Shopper coming back, ultimately becoming a loyal Existing Onlin… Read more

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Springtime shopping: what and how we buy online

Europe is warming up, the sun is out and days are getting longer. Are you also feeling the spring fever, for a flirty dress, sharp suit or maybe a new fling?
Spring is the perfect season to start fresh. How is that visible in the world of ecommerce? What are people buying online? Our new AfterPay Spring infographic reveals the biggest categories, the fastest growing categories and how much consumer spend. Discover it here in our infographic.

Read more

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Designing the future of online shopping with consumers: wider, faster, richer

One of AfterPay’s most burning question is what consumers think the future of online shopping looks like. AfterPay loves big data and crunching numbers, but to get into imagination of consumers and a deeper understanding, we decided to speak to online shoppers and AfterPay users. In one-on-one interviews we learned about how shoppers see the future, what they expect will happen and how it will change the world and our behavior.  
As revolutionary as we thought online shopping was back in 1979 when Michael Aldrich designed an online transaction process betwee… Read more

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March Outlook: Fashion and Health/Health Food products expect to have the biggest focus on the European mainland, whereas Media/Entertainment and Food/Groceries lead in the UK

As we welcome the meteorological spring, AfterPay Insights is serving up a new March monthly Outlook. This blog discusses what consumers from the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and the UK intend to buy this month. We see minor change compared to February and compareble results in three countries. The UK slightly differs from the European soil when it comes to predicting product categories, with an interesting offline-to-online shift.

The Netherlands’ Fashion and Health/Health food products categories lead again

Fashion is the category wi… Read more

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