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Tracking consumer behavior in e-commerce

Ongoing consumer research into the online shopping behavior of consumers in the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. We aim to provide insights into consumer attitudes, behavior and shifts in consumption and preferences. Whatever the reason for these shifts may be – trends, public opinion or a pandemic – AfterPay Insights is here to help you understand the e-commerce landscape.

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Here we share an overview of how the corona outbreak impacts consumers e-commerce shopping. Interact and filter the results below.


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Our findings on the corona outbreak's impact on consumers' e-commerce behavior. We aim to update our data set on a weekly basis, with daily analyses, deep dives and expert interviews along the way. Stay tuned!

Short-term online purchase development driven by Offline Loyal Shoppers’ occasional online purchases; sustainable e-commerce growth driven by continuously increasing loyalty

While the number e-commerce purchases fluctuates dramatically over the past six months, consumers’ overall share of spend online (reflecting the loyalty to the online channel) steadily develops and even increases during the same time period. But how are these two metrics – shopping frequency and loyalty, i.e. spend - related? How do both metrics, and their relationship develop over time? Are Heavy Online Shoppers (5+ bi-weekly online purchases) also Online Loyal Shoppers (75%-100% of monthly spend is online)? What are the key barriers for Offline Loyal Shoppers (0-2… Read more

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3 in 4 consumers shop online, number of purchases drops while online share of spend remains virtually unchanged: consumers stay loyal to online in March 2021

In this newest AfterPay Insights blog, we look at the inflow into e-commerce in March. Do Dutch, German and Norwegian consumers continue to shift their purchases from brick-and-mortar stores to online channels? What does the development look like for Light, Medium and Heavy Shoppers? We answer these questions using two key metrics: the number of online purchases and the online share of consumers’ total spend. While the purchase volume metric is relatively volatile and sensitive to seasonal changes, the online share of total spend metric is more stable and reflects c… Read more

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April E-Commerce Forecast: total purchases keep momentum and ‘Online Loyal Shoppers’ continue further shift to e-commerce in April

AfterPay Insights’ monthly forecasts are back with this April outlook for e-commerce in the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. The latest survey results indicate that German consumers intend to increase their overall purchases, while Norwegian and Dutch consumers state they will continue to buy at the same level in April (compared to March). But how will they distribute their purchases with regards to online vs. offline channels?

In our previous forecasts we looked at consumers’ shopping intentions from the perspective of Light, Medium and Heavy Shoppers, i.e. … Read more

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Dutch, German and Norwegian online shopper base grows to ~80% and stays intact while online purchases stabilize; longer-term loyalty to online channels continues to grow in 2021

At AfterPay Insights, we have monitored the development of consumers online shopping behavior and the subsequent development of the e-commerce landscape from a consumer perspective for the past year. As of February 2021, we have conducted more than 78.000 interviews with consumers in the Netherlands, Germany and Norway.
In this analysis we focus on the inflow of new consumers to online channels, how this trend has developed over 2020 and into 2021, as well as the correlation to the overall growth of e-commerce.

Based on our long-term data set,… Read more

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E-commerce growth stabilizes in February; Fashion takes the top place as Fashion Shoppers’ satisfaction with delivery time improves

In one of our earlier blog posts about the ‘Top 6 most important developments in e-commerce in 2020’ we list what the most important developments from a consumer behavior perspective were in 2020. But how did consumers shop in specific product categories? And particularly in Fashion, the biggest online product category of all? How satisfied are consumers with merchants’ performance and how did that develop over time? And more importantly, what is the curr… Read more

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Attachment to ‘offline experience’ holds Light Online Shoppers back from increasing online purchases in March; seamless experience key for merchants’ online growth

In our last blog about a March forecast for both offline and online purchases, we identify a correlation between consumers’ current online purchase frequency and their intentions to buy less/more online in March. Heavy Online Shoppers (5+ bi-weekly online purchases) are most positive towards increasing online purchases in March, as one may expect. But Light Online Shoppers (1 bi-weekly online purchase) are more hesitant to shop online in March.… Read more

Written by Insights Team.

March E-Commerce Outlook: how will Dutch, German and Norwegian consumers shop?

AfterPay Insights’ monthly forecasts are back with this March outlook for e-commerce in the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. Do Dutch, German and Norwegian consumers intend to shop online more or less in the coming month? Do Light, Medium and Heavy Online Shoppers differ in their purchase intentions? Our results indicate that differences between these segments – and countries – exist. In light of changing restrictions, which channels do shoppers intend to make most of their purchases through – brick-and-mortar or online?

In this anal… Read more

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Online purchases fall back in January but consumers continue to shift more spend to online

We have now added new research data covering the month of January to our research, meaning our data now comprise more than 72.000 interviews with consumers in the Netherlands, Germany and Norway spanning almost one year. 

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, we see an initial peak in the number of online purchases in April/May (during the ‘first wave’). Online purchases at this point are up +50% in the Netherlands, +37% in Germany and +30% in Norway. In August, during the summer holiday period, purchases bottom out in all three countries. After that we see a… Read more

Written by Insights Team.

Top 6 ways consumer behavior impacted e-commerce in 2020

2020 was an unprecedented year for e-commerce. Growth went through the roof as consumers - often out of sheer necessity - turned to online channels more than ever before to make purchases. A lot happened online, and we tracked developments along the way. From a consumer behavior perspective, what are the biggest developments in e-commerce in 2020? How does that compare to consumers’ e-commerce behavior in 2019? What is the difference between ‘existing online shoppers’ – (consumers who already purchases online when 2020 started) - and ‘new online shopper… Read more

Written by Insights Team.

This is why Dutch, German and Norwegian consumers bought more or less Christmas gifts in 2020

Christmas gifts purchases are one of the biggest drivers of peak season shopping, making them an essential part of consumer purchases in December. But what is the impact of the global pandemic on consumers' Christmas gift shopping in 2020? Did consumers buy more or less Christmas gifts than in 2019? Why did they buy less? And why more? If consumers did get more Christmas gifts, was this a way to compensate for these unusual times? How did 'self-gifting', the concept of getting gifts for yourself, develop compared to 2019? 

In our latest analysis, we find out … Read more

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2020 Sales Events Recap: ~58% of consumers made at least one purchase during Peak Season and 8 out of 10 shoppers state Black Friday had the best deals

Peak Season is now officially behind us. How did Dutch, German and Norwegian consumers shop? What did they buy? We previously recapped how consumers shopped during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But we are now also able to look back at consumers’ Peak Season shopping over the entire holiday period, so including Christmas. Did the Christmas Sales top Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping? During which sales events do consumers think they made the best deal? AfterPay Insights decided to find out.

The majority of consumers purchase in Peak Season; Black Friday… Read more

Written by Insights Team.

Wrapping up 2020: e-commerce in the Netherlands and Germany peaks end of December, Norway already hit apex two weeks before

New research data covering the second half of December is added to our research, which now conists of more than 66.000 interviews with Dutch, German and Norwegian consumers.

In the Netherlands and Germany, e-commerce purchases continue to grow during the second half of December, although recent growth it not as steep as in October and November. E-commerce in the Netherlands shows a dramatic growth of online purchases in November, after which the relative growth rate flattens out, ending up at +90% by the second half of December. The number of online purchases… Read more

Written by Insights Team.

By mid-December, 60% of Christmas gifts still to be purchased in the Netherlands,  34% in Germany and 44% in Norway; e-commerce continues to grow

In our last update before Christmas, we have added new research data covering the first half of December (December 10th - 16th) to our database. Our data now contains survey responses from more than 63.000 interviews with consumers in the Netherlands, Germany and Norway.

In the Netherlands, total online purchase growth after Black/Cyber Week was at +86% and is now at +87%. And in Germany e-commerce growth increases from +50% following Black/Cyber Week to +59% after the first half of December. E-commerce in Norway grows +70% compared to mid-March And e-commerc… Read more

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Recapping Black Friday and Cyber Week 2020: E-commerce reaches new heights as consumer inflow grows +10% compared to last year - seasonal ‘Toys’ purchases explode

New research data covering the Black/Cyber Week (interviews conducted November 26th to December 6th) is now available in our dashboard. Compared to mid-March, e-commerce purchases grow to +86% in the Netherlands, +70% in Norway and +50% in Germany.

‘Toys’ is the product category that grows most in November – this is likely due to gift shopping for the holiday season. In the Netherlands, online growth in Toys is at +87% at the end of October and is now at +355% (compared to mid-March). In Norway, online purchases in Toys increase from +77% at the end of Octobe… Read more

Written by Insights Team.

7 out of 10 Norwegian consumers purchase online by mid-November as consumers aged 45-54 years old stand for most growth; further growth expected in December – mostly in Fashion

AfterPay Insights’ latest research, now containing survey responses from more than 16.000 interviews with Norwegian consumers shows that - by mid-November - online purchases in Norway grow to +51% compared to the number of purchases made mid-March. The main driving force behind Norwegian e-commerce growth is the increase of the online customer base, which grows from 47% pre-Corona to 71% of all Norwegian consumers by mid-November. The inflow of new online shoppers is largest among consumers aged 45-54; 51% purchased online in March, and this share h… Read more

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